As you probably guessed, my name is Eva Sommer. I live in Aarhus where I have spent a great deal of my life enjoying what the city has to offer. Traveling is a natural part of me, from cultural and foodie adventures in big cities to traversing natures outback and sleeping under the stars.

In my professional life I work as an IT Engineer, going 5+ years now since graduating from Aarhus University School of Engineering. As part of my education I also had the pleasure of working with electro engineering, but my heart went to software development and have stayed on that path since. Before entering the world of engineering, I spent some time enjoying the world of photography and image editing, but my interest in how programs like photoshop and illustrator are built and work, peaked my interest in software development.

This website, though, is meant for the spare time part of my life. I enjoy doodling and playing around with colours, textures and other diy projects. I recently started on water colours which surely is a work in progress, but as Pippi Longstocking once said “Det har jag aldrig provat förut, så det klarar jag helt säkert!” which is my motto in life when facing new challenges. The site will regularly be updated with relevant and less relevant stuff as I play around with new ideas and when I suddenly get the urge to play around with css, html and the likes.

Any questions? Drop me a mail at